Available Mar 25, 2016
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Down Below The Status Quo
1. Move
2. Worry, Don’t Weigh Me Down
3. Low
4. Fighter
5. Turn It On
6. Quiet The Bombs
7. Everyday
8. wake up
9. Titanic
10. The Line

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We Can Get Over
1. Oh Me Oh My
2. Count to 10
3. Give a Little
4. Too Young to be Fooled
5. Everybody Wants to Be (In Love)
6. Let It Go
7. I Don’t Know Anything
8. Hold Me
9. Down Down
10. We Can Get Over

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Fire & Fuss
1. The Prologue
2. Weak Like Us
3. The Fall
4. If And When
5. Rules to Live By
6. The Day Before War
7. Use Your Imagination
8. Is It Real
9. The Birds That Wake The Day
10. Go Home

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The Trouble and the Truth
1. The Trouble and the Truth – part 1
2. Pale Moon
3. Breakdown
4. Four Long Years
5. Fashion
6. The Unanswered Question
7. The Trouble and the Truth – part 2

Other Projects:

String Quartets

Just finished writing 10 string quartet arrangements of my songs. I performed these with the Blue Engine String Quartet in a concert on April 17, 2010. The performance was recorded by CBC. You can listen here.

Symphony NS

Currently working on arrangements of my songs for Symphony Nova Scotia. These arrangements will be performed in concert on January 21st, 2011. The lovely Meaghan Smith will be sharing the concert with me that night.

Zumbini Circus

Zumbini Circus is a Halifax dance band. We are a carnaval inspired, Brazilian influenced, 8 piece ensemble. I play accordion in the group alongside my buddy Lukas Pearse (bass). Lukas also plays in my band. Chris Cookson (drums), Marta Ciechonska (percussion), Kiersten Holden (percussion), Zak Miller (guitar), Ryan Veltmeyer (trombone), Sageev Oore (piano). We will record our first CD in November! Just finished playing a sold out show at the Halifax Jazz Festival opening for Alex Cuba.